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The New Family Finance Book That Has Everybody Talking

How an average, everyday couple escaped financial disaster,
by discovering the secret to taking control of their family's finances

The New Family Finance Book That Has Everybody Talking

Scott & Alison Hilton

After saving their family from financial ruin, Scott & Alison Hilton felt called to share with the world, how they did it.  In this all new tell-all book, you'll discover how one couple used faith, and a few simple strategies, to escape the hole they dug themselves into... and finally took control of their finances... and their lives!
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"After using the techniques in your book, I finally feel like I have control of our family's finances again... "
Steven DeLong
Sacramento, CA
"My Fiance And I Loved Your Book 
And Learned So Much From What You Taught Inside - Thank You very much"
Stefan James
Washington, D.C.
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